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I can write 1000 words about anything.

Your story is interesting — and I can help you share it.

Danielle Verderame, Freelance Content Creator


My name is Danielle.

I’ve combined my experience writing for publications with my conversion-focused content marketing skills. I’ve been helping organizations and individuals find their voice for over 12 years. I’m a writer — with a command of design (graphic + web), photography, online tools, and strategic planning.

Stories are everywhere.

I find people and places — bringing them forward with concise text and provoking images.

It’s a

Soft(er) Sell.

You’re probably already doing some promotion — like social media or a website. I come alongside your efforts and help you get more out of those actions. All of my projects lead your audience through a story until they take your desired action — like buying or subscribing.

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Danielle Verderame
Freelance Content Creator
Lynchburg, VA