Cute Font Combinations for Your Valentine’s Day Sale

If I close my eyes and think back to Valentine’s Day cards several details pop into my mind. I see hearts to dot I‘s and long tails on Y‘s and G‘s. Some mix between cursive and faux drop caps adorn the most important phrases.

We are most alive when we are in love. -John Updike

Most importantly, they had an energy. Valentine’s Day is delightfully campy (rivaling Halloween) and works best when you don’t take it too seriously. For retail sales events, you can channel that energy into something super cute from Singles Awareness Day (SAD) to Galentine’s Day to the traditional over-the-top red rose extravaganza.


cute font combinations

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You can download any of the pretty fonts above by clicking on the links below.

Download Peach Sundress

Download A Little Sunshine

Download Autumn in November

How to Pick a Font to Pair with a Script Font.

Pairing fonts for Valentines day starts with picking a romantic and memorable font. It’s a holiday that evokes the whimsey of handwritten notes and homemade cards. So, I like to pick fonts that mirror that sentiment.

To balance out the frilly fonts, I like to pick a simple secondary font. Many of the basic free fonts like Tahoma, Arial, Calibri or Roboto work well with curlicues and scripts. Once you put them together, check the weight on the secondary font. Depending on the pairing, you may want it to be bold or light to create more contrast.

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