6 Color Combinations for Minimalist Designs

Image of a window with rain drops in black and white

Picking out the perfect tones for my next design is one of my favorite parts of the brainstorming process. When it comes to creating minimalist designs, it’s easy to revert to a white background with a quick pop of primary red or duck egg blue. Although it’s safe to reuse winning tones, like the current sunset fixation, great designs start with unexpected bursts of inspiration. I’ve collected a few of my latest favorites, based on images that catch my eye.

“Over the Chill” Color Combination

A monotone group that centers on Millennial pink, this color combination embodies the sweetness of summer. Keeping the colors restrained to one side of the palette, in different hues, keeps the look fresh and pushes the focus onto your message.

“Collector” Color Combination

If you’re putting together something quaint but, not out-of-date consider the restrained palette above. This combination of colors works in toned down, natural hues to add a rich backstory to your design.

“Glass Light” Color Combination

Good grays are hard to find. Some are too warm and muddy. Others are too cold and contrasting. The “Glass Light” grays stay in the neutral range. I like to use these in unexpected ways, like a traditionally feminine design or product.

“Muss and Mess” Color Combination

I pulled together these contrasting colors, all with a similar hue, to see how they would work as a tonal group. The combination looks surprisingly minimalist when applied in a color-blocking pattern. It’s eye-catching for something focused on a date or deadline, where the typography needs to be the star.

“#MOOD” Color Combination

If you can’t tell, I appreciate it when a range of good grays comes together. If you use that deepest tone as the background, the other colors really pop against it. I like to use this as an option when the big design feature is something with great color. Think of an image or logo that really needs to stand out against a neutral background.

“Round and Round” Color Combination

The lighted blue in the “Round and Round” color palette echoes the acid wash that is coming back in denim fashions. Layering the other three tones as pops of color keeps the combination in a retro style. I think this looks best as a way to update something traditionally masculine. Instead of going to steel grey and hunter green, this orange, mustard and teal combo pushes the eye toward a playful juxtaposition of topic and design.

“Uncanny Valley” Color Combination

Putting together pastels can be a wonky journey into Willie Wonka’s land. Eschew the Easter-inspired sweetness for these light, neo-gothic hues. They’re lovely Insta-bait for anything wordy like, quotes or event details.

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