23 Background Ideas that are Trending Right Now

The more designs you put together, the easier it is to run out of fresh ideas for backgrounds. However, they really do set the tone for any graphic. Ideally, they both represent your brand while capitalizing on trending visual styles.

Trending Background Ideas

I’ve put together a roundup of some trending background patterns to inspire your next design. Keep reading to discover more ideas.

Pasta Pattern

Pasta patterns create a humorous visual for anything related to food. It’s a visual reminder of macaroni art — but with a little more style. Personally, I like the contrast between the bright background and the noodles.

Architectural Honeycomb

Honeycomb patterns have been hot for a while and this industrial version signals an industrious attitude. For brands that want to project a hard-working attitude, this background subtly reminds you of teamwork.

Basic Bait

That Instagram aesthetic is quickly becoming a classic. Millennial pink plus flowers equals #allthevibes.

Blue Sky Glass

Skyscrapers are visually connected to the buzz and bustle of city work. Using a background that blends that with a natural blue steps away from the smog and projects a more aspiration-oritented mentality.

Bright Bricks

Bright bricks are overdone but, not over. Personally, I like to use them as a way to bring in color without drawing the complete focus. They’re urban and nostalgic at the same time.

Chunky Cable Knit

You can thank the Hygge trend for this one. If you’re promoting anything cozy, don’t forget that fisherman’s sweater aesthetic.

Digital Mosaic

Digital mosaic patterns are cropping up everywhere. Why? They blend old and new. Our eyes like the random arrangement but, aren’t held back by the mortar and grit of actual mosaic patterns.

Dollar Store Trinkets

Millennials love their toys — especially as an irreverent twist. Using trinkets as a background links nostalgia to our cheeky redefinition of adulting.

Frisky Flamingos

Who would have thought that flamingos would be having such a comeback? They’re everywhere, they’re ridiculous and everyone loves them.

Fruit and Herbs

Mixing fruit and herbs in your culinary flatlays creates an interesting visual texture. As a background, the shapes create something quite eye-catching.

Hex Tiles

It does seem like all the design areas (fashion, home, industrial, graphic, etc.) collide visually over time. While hex and penny tiles are taking off in bathrooms, they also look great as backgrounds.

Monochrome Flora

Tone on Tone was really big this spring and I think we can expect it to carry through for a few more seasons. Look for ways to layer flowers on matching backgrounds. It’s feminine without feeling too precious.

Neon and Natural

Anytime I see a design that looks too predictable, I search for a way to add a pop of neon. Mixing neon with natural wood tones evokes that freshly-upcycled DIY vibe. It’s great for anything signaling a mood that is hands-on and creative.

Real Life Rainbow

Everything is rainbow right now. Lean into it by finding real life examples of ROGBIV.

Retro Daisies

Daisies are just cute. Out of all the flowers, they may be the least pretentious. So, daisies work great in designs that are trying to flutter an eyelash.

Sliced Citrus

Mouthwatering! Vibrant! Sliced citrus pairs geometry (triangles and circles) with bright color. It signals warm weather and all those summer vibes, even if you aren’t talking about food.

Solid Stripes

Business motifs can become boring really quickly. However, these solid stripes add depth and dimension to your designs.

Square Tiles

If you’re trying to ground a design in the comforts of home, try adding in some square tiles. They’re chic! They’re symmetrical! They counterbalance anything organic or frilly.

Steel Triangles

In business, you don’t want to say “We’re building something here” and top it off with the visual cliche of bricks and mortar. (Snooze.) Instead, look for architectural elements that signal progress, like these sloping triangles.

Sunlit Skyscraper

Skyscrapers signal power, performance and that city speed. Contrasting that with a sunset on the glass, softens the sentiment. This works well for designs that need to signal growth without seeming too harsh.

Textured Terrazzo

I’m totally hung up on the return of terrazzo. Terrazzo is visually engaging and layers well behind many different types of projects.

Tiny Tiles

Examples of tiny tiles are popping up in home design. As a background element, tiny tiles can tie influencer-level home-making back to your project.

Window Pane Plaid

The nineties are back and grungy plaid is definitely having (another) moment. Use it ironically with clashing colors.

Tell Me About Your Projects

I’d love to see some of your favorite backgrounds. Do you have a favorite texture or pattern? Send me a link in the comments or tag me on Instagram for a feature.

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