10 Nature-Inspired Color Palettes for your Next Design Project

pink color combination for graphic design

Often, when people think of nature-inspired color combinations, they pick neutral tones of green and brown. But, nature is full of a wide array of inspiring (and sometimes unexpected) tones. Below are a few of my favorite color combinations that you can find in the natural world.

“Thirsty” Color Combination

Watermelons are such a lusty fruit. I know that sounds weird but have you seen how it pops against products. Personally, I love it when brands use this color combination to advertise beauty products. So fresh and glowing!

“Bloom Chicka Bloom” Color Combination

From peonies to pink roses, nature has a romantic side. This classic color combination echoes the sentiment of a creeping ivy vine outside a beautiful brick wall. Try using these colors for a design that wants to evoke pure love, like a stationary sale.

“Califorcarnation” Color Combination

Even if Blair Waldorf banned these lacy flowers, I still love them. This group of colors pulls some of the deepest hues from their curly depths. Try using the color combination to soften a quirky quote. It’s a great group to generate instagram bait without relying on straight Millennial pink.

“Morning” Color Combination

The clash of the monarch butterfly against these posies creates visual excitement. It’s unexpected. The colors are a great variation on the typical red that works its way into most food-oriented designs. Instead, go both directions on the color wheel at once.

“My Thumb” Color Combination

Pastels can be so tricky! This color group grounds three light tones with a great green. The result is quite romantic without being precious. The look works well for any organic or health brand. Use it to evoke a calm feeling that is rooted in the mossy earth.

“Natural Shadows” Color Combination

Combining white with green may seem a little trite but, the yellow-green in the middle offsets expectations. It’s simple. And it’s also classic. The color combination works well for annual events like festivals and outdoor concerts.

“Peachy Keen” Color Combination

Blush is social media bait right now. This group of colors puts an unexpected orange and tan into the mix. If you’re trying to put together something just plain pretty, try using this color combination.

“Pretty and Cheap” Color Combination

The simple joy of an unexpected carnation cannot be surpassed by anything other than this fun color combination. It’s frivolous and punchy! For designs that need a little edge, start with the slate grey and add the other tones in small doses.

“Secret Garden” Color Combination

Bushes that bloom in unexpected seasons create a quiet thrill. This color palette captures that essense with the excellent teal and tan tones. If you’re putting together a piece for a bookstore or boutique, try creating with “Secret Garden” color combination.

“Spring Harvest” Color Combination

I originally found apricots when I was trying to see what fruits come into season during spring. Isn’t this a lovely springtime color combination? It’s unexpected and full of new life.

Show Me Your Ideas

I’d love to see what ideas you put together using these colors. If you make a design, be sure to tag me on Instagram. If you liked these color combinations, you’ll enjoy my Instagram feed. I’m always updating it with new inspiration for marketing and design projects.

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