Color Palettes inspired by Central Virginia

Downtown Lynchburg shopping

Places come with their own colors. Can’t you just imagine the warm, vibrant golds of Arizona or the mossy greens of Vermont? As I’ve taken photos of Central Virginia, while on various assignments, I’ve collected color combinations inspired by these views.

I found this one while I was writing a profile of an antique store in Buchnanan, VA.

Main St. Lynchburg is full of brick reds, like the ones you see above.

The light falls on Fifth St. in Lynchburg, VA.

These pretty blues shone through the storefront of an antique store in Buchanan, VA.

I found these lovely golden tones in a local market in Buchanan, VA.

Looking out over the City of Lynchburg reveals some stunning, subtle greens.

Church St. of Lynchburg is covered in flowering trees.

Show Me Yours

As you travel, I’d love to see color combinations inspired by the world around you. Send me photos of your cities and I’ll pull out the tones (and hex codes) for you. Just tag me on Insta or leave a note in the comments.

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