How a Branding Campaign Helps Your Customer Get the Full Picture

Blind Men and an Elephant parable illustration (source)

Have you heard of the Indian proverb about The Blind Men and an Elephant? According to the story, three blind men stumble upon an elephant for the first time. One man touches the squirming trunk and says, “This must be a snake.” The second man touches the strong, rough leg and says, “No, it is a tall, thick tree.” The third man touches the bristly tail and says, “No, it is a rough rope.” Because of their different experiences, the three men fight about the nature of the creature before them.

Throughout the many versions of this story, the moral remains the same. While one’s experiences may be true, your experiences may not encapsulate a complete truth.

When it comes to marketing, truth is the core of my professional philosophy. I don’t believe in hype. Instead, I learn about your brand and I bring out the truth of your story.

Little Bits

Your customer can’t see everything. They are just starting to feel the little bits that make your brand unique.

Promoting your brand takes time and money. More time usually costs less money and more money can save you some time. Essentially, you can do campaigns over a long period of time, at low cost, to move toward your marketing goals. Conversely, you can do a high cost marketing campaign to get exposure more quickly. Either way, your audience needs to move from feeling little bits of your brand to seeing the whole elephant.

The Whole Elephant

Smart marketers build strong campaigns around their client’s goals. Because these vary, every campaign needs a customized plan based around the following components.

A Marketing Plan always includes,

  • Target Audience
  • Value Proposition (or Message)
  • Offer (or Call-to-Action)
  • Selected Mediums
  • Tracking and Reporting

With each of these components, you can create a marketing campaign that meets your goals in both the short and long term. You can read more about How to Map Your IMC Plan in another post.

How to Launch a Brand

A few years ago, I enjoyed the opportunity to help the Liberty University College of Osteopathic Medicine launch their school. It was an interesting challenge, creating a vision for the school before the building even existed.

We had to create a vision to recruit the inaugural class

How could we get students to enroll in a program when the classrooms weren’t built and the professors weren’t hired?

That’s the magic of marketing campaigns. They help your audience visualize your brand and understand the benefits through communication tools alone.

Working with a factory, we were able to make these stuffed mascots a reality.

Creating and implementing a marketing campaign can help your audience see the whole elephant of your brand, instead of fumbling around the little pieces. Make sure they get the entire picture with a strong campaign.

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