Do you make websites? My Roundabout Answer…

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My soft sell approach sabotages me whenever prospective customers ask me, “Do you make websites?”

It seems like it should be a yes or no answer.

But, it actually isn’t.

Pick up a cup of coffee and we’ll have a longer conversation about it.

Do I Make Websites?

I don’t advertise website builds as one of my business services for several reasons.

First, I actually subcontract this service with another marketing group. So, I wouldn’t seek out this kind of business on my own. Instead, I look for freelance projects that allow me to use my other skill sets.

Second, I don’t believe that a new website is always the best solution for a business. If you don’t have a website at all, of course you should have one. If you have a website, you may just need to update it instead of doing an entire rebuild.

I love working with businesses to help them get more out of their existing websites.

Third, website builds can be long, expensive projects that move into deeper development and software needs. I have directed huge website projects in the past and I know that these kinds of endeavors require a team with a wide set of skills.

So, the answer is quite roundabout. I do build websites — through another agency. I don’t take on large website rebuilds (think medium to large organizations with 100 + pages of content) because I don’t have the capacity to do that responsibly as a freelancer.

I do love working with businesses to help them get more out of their existing websites by improving and optimizing their sites.

Do you want more leads or sales?

If you are considering building a new website, you probably aren’t happy with your current amount of leads or sales. That’s the main pitch for anyone who sells these kinds of projects. They promise you that you’ll get more business, more customers if you just get a new website.

New theme. New hosting. New customers?

That’s not necessarily the case. In fact, I get most of my website-related business from people who just bought a new website.


They aren’t getting traffic or conversions. A new website doesn’t automatically deliver any of those things. They’re a separate service and part of an ongoing marketing strategy.

How to Tell if You Need a New Website

There are several reasons why you want to build a new website.

First, you may have technical flaws or security issues that require you to build a new website. None of this is visible but, it’s seriously important. If you’ve been hacked, or faced an attempted hack, you may want to work with someone who can build you a more secure website. Similarly, you may have a website that is incompatible with other software needs. These are business-specific and very important. If your website doesn’t coordinate with your business activities, such as sales, leads, or other functions, then you may need to rebuild.

If you aren’t allowed to update your website without a vendor’s permission, you may need to walk away from the bad business relationship and make a new site.

Second, you may have exhausted the options with your platform. If you can’t make the edits you want in timely manner, then you might want to build a new website that gives you more control.

Finally, if you have a bad relationship with the original builder, you may want to do a rebuild. Unfortunately, some agencies trap you in contracts and hosting relationships that gives them complete control over your website to force you to keep using them. Some of them even refuse to give you access for updates so that they can charge you for more services.

This isn’t common but it happens. If you aren’t allowed to update your website without a vendor’s permission, you may need to walk away from the bad business relationship and make a new site.

Changes to Make on Existing Websites

Start making a list of why you want a new website. Is it aesthetic? Do you hate the text? Are the photos bad? Do you have a specific business function it needs to fill? Do you want more traffic?

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All of these can happen without a new website. Instead, you can edit your existing website, or do a redesign, without completely altering the framework. This can mean a difference of thousands of dollars and dozens of hours of your time.

Projects to Consider

  1. Consider doing an aesthetic overhaul on your homepage and universal site elements. You can significantly improve the visual appeal by adding in new photos, updating colors, and redesigning key page elements.
  2. Reevaluate your site map to see if there are better ways to arrange your website content. Someone can edit your website’s content and optimize it for much less than a website rebuild.
  3. Ask if there are better ways to present the information on your website. You can perform better on both organic and paid website traffic if your pages are optimized.
  4. Look for points to boost conversions (leads or sales). You may have a need for better landing pages.

Do You Need Help With Your Website?

So, the shortest answer:

If you are a small company or an individual who needs a website, I can likely do 100% of what you’re looking for. But, I would prefer to know more about your situation to see if that is the best way to help meet your marketing needs. There are a lot of factors to consider and I’d rather see you succeed than sell you a service.

I’m happy to talk to anyone that needs help putting together a website, especially if you are a small business or a startup. Also, you can use some of the resources on my website to help you understand How to Make a Website that Sells and How to Keep Up with Blog Content .

Let me know about your biggest website challenges in the comments below. Also, you can follow me on Facebook and Instagram to join the conversation.

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