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It’s always fun to pick up an ongoing project from another designer and this issue of the Mountain Mission School Challenger was no exception.

Mountain Mission School Challenger Issue

For the front cover, I kept most of the basics in place. I simply switched out the main image and updated the details. Similarly, I followed the existing format for the back. I just updated some of the details and the image at the client’s direction.

For the “Rebuilding Dreams” spread, the client hoped to make a pun with construction. The whole issue has a project and planning feel. We opted to use a blueprint stock photo as the background. I chose to highlight the children with bars in the Mountain Mission School’s brand colors. Also, I created a little illustration out of the article title to match the building theme.

For the “100 Years” spread, I focused on the then-and-now aspect of their content. I selected a muted color palette that nodded to the school’s history. Also, I added several “scrapbook” elements like the “Mark Your Calendar” stamp, drop-shadow photos, and a lable-maker-inspired text effect. Because this is the centerfold, we could bring the art through to the middle gutter.

For the “Releasing Destinies” section, I tied together two testimonials under one header. I chose to make them columns and keep the articles visually symmetrical. This forces the eye to read through each story while making it clear that they are distinct sections.

On the last page, we put together a card for an event RSVP and a small section to talk about the cover story.

Overall, the project kept the energy and brand equity of previous issues while adapting the spreads to tell the current story.

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