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Spooktacular Savings Graphics are ready!
The campiest of holidays, Halloween slashes straight into the holiday season. These dark days are the first opportunity to lure customers into your store to preview Christmas shopping.

Advertising Campaign Planning

How to Pick a Marketing Campaign Goal

Every marketing campaign needs a goal. Otherwise, you won’t be able to measure the success of your project. Yet, it’s not unusual for clients to answer me with a *shrug* when I ask, “What’s your campaign goal?” The reason? They aren’t sure what to ask for. Most of the time, people are used to payingContinue reading “How to Pick a Marketing Campaign Goal”

5 Fall Color Palettes to Help You Hail the Great Pumpkin

These fall color palettes bring out the best tones of fall. They’re inspired by my favorite cool weather sensations — from buttery-leather boots to crisp cider. Fall Color Palettes Sometimes, I need to shake up my designs with a seasonal selection of colors. Bright orange or apple red may seem like obvious choices. But thereContinue reading “5 Fall Color Palettes to Help You Hail the Great Pumpkin”

Seeing (Republican) Red

I was drawn to this direct mail project for two reasons. First, I enjoy projects where I can assist other women. I came alongside a young woman who wants to get involved in her community. Second, I’ve never done a strictly political project. So, I stretched my knowledge and did a little research to makeContinue reading “Seeing (Republican) Red”

A Wedding Listicle

Undertaking a wedding tops the most stressful experiences of my young life. The pressure of planning a party for my family, friends, coworkers, and (our parents’) acquaintances filled me with dread. Years later, I revisited that terror (with some much-needed levity) to put together a list of things brides forgot on their wedding day.

Solutions for Workplace Conflict

Out of all my higher education projects, I’ve referenced the studies in this paper most frequently. I suppose the topic of workplace conflict has been the most relevant for me, both as a manager and as a subordinate. “Organizational culture is important to managers and employees because they spend, on average, 2080 hours per yearContinue reading “Solutions for Workplace Conflict”

Senior Living Guide

I’ve spent some time on the senior circut lately, writing about managing medications and Forest, VA history. This article folded neatly with that point of view. As a special section within Lynchburg Living Magazine, this article focused on the local options available to retirees. Make Yourself at Home in a Retirement Community Originally Published inContinue reading “Senior Living Guide”

Maybe the Hills Grew

Although the Heilmans had recently moved into the townhomes on Ivy Lake, we walked through Lynchburg history. They had lived in the area for several years before they moved away — only to move back. For me, it was a stressful situation. The COVID-19 shutdown regulations were constantly changing so, I wore a facemask duringContinue reading “Maybe the Hills Grew”

We’re physically distancing… not social distancing!

It was a new experience for me — calling the day before an interview to see if my subjects wanted to meet. The Coronavirus situation had escalated quickly and I wasn’t certain of the safest way to proceed for the health of my subjects. The Harveys were glad to meet with me. We maintained physicalContinue reading “We’re physically distancing… not social distancing!”

How I Interview Women About Their Art

Whenever I have a chance to interview women about their artistic process, I build my questions around resetting expectations. Often, women in art get the fluffy questions. Who inspired you? As a woman… Who would you like to thank? Instead, I start at the beginning — letting my subject tell her story. This allows herContinue reading “How I Interview Women About Their Art”

How to Confirm Details in Your Articles

When my articles cover impactful events, I’m conscious about the details. Recently, I spoke with an established member of the Ivy Hill Community about her experience with Bob Hope’s visit to Lynchburg. Although her memory was extremely reliable, I cross-checked the facts for two key reasons. First, I didn’t want to bog down the interviewContinue reading “How to Confirm Details in Your Articles”

Holiday Sale Graphics: It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas Sale Art (Free Download)

If you are a small, retail business, the holidays are full of both stress and opportunity. Foot traffic typically increases — and you can make the most of it. Get your fair share of pitter-pattering customer feet by running a social-media friendly sales event.

Black Friday Sales Event Graphic

Free Sale Graphics! Black Friday Sales Event for Social Media

Whether you are a small brick-and-mortar retail shop or selling online, Black Friday (or the day after Thanksgiving) sales set the tone for your holiday promotions. It’s one of the most cluttered holidays – in terms of messaging. The big retailers have the most money to spend on high reach promotions.

pink color combination for graphic design

10 Nature-Inspired Color Palettes for your Next Design Project

Often, when people think of nature-inspired color combinations, they pick neutral tones of green and brown. But, nature is full of a wide array of inspiring (and sometimes unexpected) tones. Below are a few of my favorite color combinations that you can find in the natural world.

How to Use a Case Study to Set Yourself Apart from Competitors

From childhood, we are told that fingerprints make us distinct. Do you know how we first started using fingerprints to differentiate people? In 1903, a man named Will West arrived to Leavenworth Penitentiary to serve out his sentence. At intake, officials were confused because they already had a Will West in custody that matched thatContinue reading “How to Use a Case Study to Set Yourself Apart from Competitors”

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