Shining a Light on the Solar Industry

I looked very pregnant when I asked them to take me up on the roof. I had just finished talking to the team at Central Virginia Community College where I had been sitting in the conference room. For the whole interview, my short frame was wedged underneath the table where the receptionist had sat me before my subjects arrived.

They offered to take me on the roof to see the solar panels they were using for the class. I said yes and stood up, revealing my bulging belly.

I laughed at the awkwardness and told them I was still fine with stairs and walking. And then, we went up to see the hands-on-learning station for their solar power program.

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How to Promote a Black Friday Sale in 2019 (Tips and Tricks)

If you’re ever going to slash prices and pay for promotion, you must prioritize the weekend following Thanksgiving. Black Friday (and the rest of the weekend) launches holiday shopping, impacting your sales for the peak spending season.

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Finding Joy in An Unexpected Setting

I felt a little rushed when I showed up for this interview. I had just left a photoshoot and the equipment was rattling around my car as I wound through the HumanKind campus. I had the number for the building but, I also knew that the facilities sprawled into several areas.

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Do you make websites? My Roundabout Answer…

My soft sell approach sabotages me whenever prospective customers ask me, “Do you make websites?”

It seems like it should be a yes or no answer.

But, it actually isn’t.

Pick up a cup of coffee and we’ll have a longer conversation about it.

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How to get great, emotional quotes for your content marketing

Years ago, I was doing a brochure update for a university. The old brochure was basically text written by the dean and images of the school. We wanted to include images of students and the graphic designer developed a beautiful layout that would require a photoshoot. As the client was approving the design concept and photoshoot, I asked if I could get quotes from the students to add into the body copy.

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14 Important Words that You See in Marketing Materials

One of my pet peeves in the client review process is when someone does an informal survey. Essentially, the client takes the ad and passes it around their office (or sends it to their wife) looking for feedback.

Methodology aside, this really only works when the employees have the same point-of-view as your target audience.

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How to Build a Retail Website that Makes Customers Buy

Whether you have a brick-and-mortar shop or sell exclusively online, several key marketing principles can help you build a retail website that makes customers buy. The process starts by understanding how to sell online versus in person. Once you understand the philosophy behind selling, you can anticipate your ideal customer’s behavior and create a retail website that leads to more sales.

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Need Exposure? You might want to hire a ghostwriter.

“But he has nothing on!” said a little child.

Writing a solid article takes time, connections, and experience.  When done correctly, your organization gains massive exposure through a legitimate news outlet. Working with a ghostwriter can help you put together a story that captures the attention and imagination of your target audience.

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