The Tumultuous Timeline Behind Kellogg’s Cereal

The well-known Kellogg’s cereal brand came from the work of not one — but two — brilliant inventors. The Kellogg brothers, Dr. John Harvey Kellogg and Will Keith Kellogg worked as partners, then rivals, to create a wellness and food empire that changed the way we eat.  Dr. John Harvey Kellogg was a precocious childContinue reading “The Tumultuous Timeline Behind Kellogg’s Cereal”

Solutions for Workplace Conflict

Out of all my higher education projects, I’ve referenced the studies in this paper most frequently. I suppose the topic of workplace conflict has been the most relevant for me, both as a manager and as a subordinate. “Organizational culture is important to managers and employees because they spend, on average, 2080 hours per yearContinue reading “Solutions for Workplace Conflict”