We’re physically distancing… not social distancing!

It was a new experience for me — calling the day before an interview to see if my subjects wanted to meet. The Coronavirus situation had escalated quickly and I wasn’t certain of the safest way to proceed for the health of my subjects. The Harveys were glad to meet with me. We maintained physicalContinue reading “We’re physically distancing… not social distancing!”

How I Interview Women About Their Art

Whenever I have a chance to interview women about their artistic process, I build my questions around resetting expectations. Often, women in art get the fluffy questions. Who inspired you? As a woman… Who would you like to thank? Instead, I start at the beginning — letting my subject tell her story. This allows herContinue reading “How I Interview Women About Their Art”

How to Confirm Details in Your Articles

When my articles cover impactful events, I’m conscious about the details. Recently, I spoke with an established member of the Ivy Hill Community about her experience with Bob Hope’s visit to Lynchburg. Although her memory was extremely reliable, I cross-checked the facts for two key reasons. First, I didn’t want to bog down the interviewContinue reading “How to Confirm Details in Your Articles”