How to Blend Business Profiles into Shareable Articles

Special sections create highly-coveted opportunities for advertisers. They pull together helpful information for a niche audience alongside business listings and advertisements. Most magazines run a few of these each year. Some have a special section on a different topic in every issue.

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How to Prepare for an Article Interview

Each time I schedule an interview for an article, I aim to gather quality material as quickly as possible. It’s practical for both myself and the subject. Also, features tend to have deadlines that necessitate efficiency. My interview with spoken word artist Lacroy Nixon benefitted from this model.

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How to Confirm Details in Your Articles

When my articles cover impactful events, I’m conscious about the details. Recently, I spoke with an established member of the Ivy Hill Community about her experience with Bob Hope’s visit to Lynchburg. Although her memory was extremely reliable, I cross-checked the facts for two key reasons. First, I didn’t want to bog down the interview with follow-up questions. Second, I value accuracy in reporting, even for a lifestyle magazine.

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How to Build a Retail Website that Makes Customers Buy

Whether you have a brick-and-mortar shop or sell exclusively online, several key marketing principles can help you build a retail website that makes customers buy. The process starts by understanding how to sell online versus in person. Once you understand the philosophy behind selling, you can anticipate your ideal customer’s behavior and create a retail website that leads to more sales.

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How to Hire a Content Creator for Your Business Blog Posts

In a talk with small business owners about blogging for business, I railed against several misconceptions. Several thought they should use their blog as an alternate income source — like they were a (circa 2002) lifestyle blogger or media outlet. A few believed they should be able to post whatever they wanted, whenever they wanted — little rants about what was on their mind. Most felt that blogging for business was a complete waste of time. They posted and never got any new business.

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