How to Jump off the Digital Marketing Carousel

Do you ever feel like you’re chasing after engagement — month after month? If so, it’s time for you to jump off the digital marketing carousel. Easy to do and hard to do well, digital marketing offers a transparent evaluation of strategies through big data. If your metrics disappoint, you can shift your methods. EachContinue reading “How to Jump off the Digital Marketing Carousel”

User Behavior: The Trick for Marketing to Millennials

The old methods just don’t work. In the past, customers were grouped by age. Then, generalizations about their values and habits were extracted for the whole group. Marketers have been trying to target these young adults for several years. One thing is clear. We can’t generalize for this age group. Instead, we must track theContinue reading “User Behavior: The Trick for Marketing to Millennials”

How to Write an Eye-Catching Headline

Headlines matter. Not only do they provide you with page visits from post previews, they also impact your site’s reputation. If you want to improve your traffic and gain conversions, you need to start by considering how an eye-catching headline can bring your more visitors.  Readers Skim Headlines Most websites generate traffic from content-rich sourcesContinue reading “How to Write an Eye-Catching Headline”

How to Pick a Marketing Campaign Goal

Every marketing campaign needs a goal. Otherwise, you won’t be able to measure the success of your project. Yet, it’s not unusual for clients to answer me with a *shrug* when I ask, “What’s your campaign goal?” The reason? They aren’t sure what to ask for. Most of the time, people are used to payingContinue reading “How to Pick a Marketing Campaign Goal”

How to Confirm Details in Your Articles

When my articles cover impactful events, I’m conscious about the details. Recently, I spoke with an established member of the Ivy Hill Community about her experience with Bob Hope’s visit to Lynchburg. Although her memory was extremely reliable, I cross-checked the facts for two key reasons. First, I didn’t want to bog down the interviewContinue reading “How to Confirm Details in Your Articles”