Boost Blog Traffic with These 11 Steps

You can read a million articles about increasing traffic to your blog — without finding a single practical list. In short, it starts with solid content strategy. With millions of blogs on the internet, you will need to strategically target your niche audience. The tips below will help you create a strategy that will boostContinue reading “Boost Blog Traffic with These 11 Steps”

What is Content Marketing? (Small Business Edition)

Influencing prospective customers starts with content marketing. As part of your inbound marketing strategy, you can: generate more traffic convert more leads and create more customers This is why 28% of marketers have reduced their digital advertising budgets to product more company-specific content. They understand that influencing prospective customers requires a focus on content marketing.Continue reading “What is Content Marketing? (Small Business Edition)”

The Best Things You Can Do For Your Brand in 2021

Whenever someone asks me for free marketing advice, I give them a short list of things to do. Most of them are highly administrative — which I think surprises people. While I believe in creativity and inspiration, you won’t have time to do that if you can’t delegate some of the day-to-day branding tasks. AndContinue reading “The Best Things You Can Do For Your Brand in 2021”

How to Write an Eye-Catching Headline

Headlines matter. Not only do they provide you with page visits from post previews, they also impact your site’s reputation. If you want to improve your traffic and gain conversions, you need to start by considering how an eye-catching headline can bring your more visitors.  Readers Skim Headlines Most websites generate traffic from content-rich sourcesContinue reading “How to Write an Eye-Catching Headline”

5 Fall Color Palettes to Help You Hail the Great Pumpkin

These fall color palettes bring out the best tones of fall. They’re inspired by my favorite cool weather sensations — from buttery-leather boots to crisp cider. Fall Color Palettes Sometimes, I need to shake up my designs with a seasonal selection of colors. Bright orange or apple red may seem like obvious choices. But thereContinue reading “5 Fall Color Palettes to Help You Hail the Great Pumpkin”