How to get great, emotional quotes for your content marketing


Years ago, I was doing a brochure update for a university. The old brochure was basically text written by the dean and images of the school. We wanted to include images of students and the graphic designer developed a beautiful layout that would require a photoshoot. As the client was approving the design concept and photoshoot, I asked if I could get quotes from the students to add into the body copy.

How to Use a Case Study to Set Yourself Apart from Competitors

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From childhood, we are told that fingerprints make us distinct. Do you know how we first started using fingerprints to differentiate people? In 1903, a man named Will West arrived to Leavenworth Penitentiary to serve out his sentence. At intake, officials were confused because they already had a Will West in custody that matched that man’s description. The two men looked very much alike, although they said they weren’t related. At that time, the Bertillion System used bone measurements to differentiate people. But, that system also confirmed they were a match. The only way they could be told apart was by their fingerprints.