Fact VS. Fake: Your Guide to Cornavirus (COVID-19) Content

Misinformation about coronavirus (COVID-19) is spreading just like the disease. False “facts,” conspiracy theories, and bad advice pass from person-to-person with each repost. Let’s quarantine the worst misinformation websites and social media profiles.

In This Article

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Misinformation Roundup
How to Spot Misinformation
Understand the Incentive
How They Manipulate You
Verify from Multiple Sources
Ways to Help

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Do you make websites? My Roundabout Answer…

My soft sell approach sabotages me whenever prospective customers ask me, “Do you make websites?”

It seems like it should be a yes or no answer.

But, it actually isn’t.

Pick up a cup of coffee and we’ll have a longer conversation about it.

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How to get great, emotional quotes for your content marketing

Years ago, I was doing a brochure update for a university. The old brochure was basically text written by the dean and images of the school. We wanted to include images of students and the graphic designer developed a beautiful layout that would require a photoshoot. As the client was approving the design concept and photoshoot, I asked if I could get quotes from the students to add into the body copy.

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14 Important Words that You See in Marketing Materials

One of my pet peeves in the client review process is when someone does an informal survey. Essentially, the client takes the ad and passes it around their office (or sends it to their wife) looking for feedback.

Methodology aside, this really only works when the employees have the same point-of-view as your target audience.

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Need Exposure? You might want to hire a ghostwriter.

“But he has nothing on!” said a little child.

Writing a solid article takes time, connections, and experience.  When done correctly, your organization gains massive exposure through a legitimate news outlet. Working with a ghostwriter can help you put together a story that captures the attention and imagination of your target audience.

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The One Marketing Freelancer You MUST Hire

By working with a freelance copy editor, you can elevate the quality of your creative elements. Whether you are working as an individual or managing a team, the extra set of eyes will make you feel more confident before you publish (unlike the $250,000 Metropolitan Transportation Authority gaffe).

I keep this poker chip coupon on my desk to remind me to be careful when proofing. I caught a tiny capitalization typo on this project at the last minute before it went to print.

It’s easy to get tunnel vision when reviewing your own work. That’s why I work with creatives to give them an outside perspective. Otherwise, you may find yourself publishing while weary and cross-eyed.

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How to Use a Case Study to Set Yourself Apart from Competitors

From childhood, we are told that fingerprints make us distinct. Do you know how we first started using fingerprints to differentiate people? In 1903, a man named Will West arrived to Leavenworth Penitentiary to serve out his sentence. At intake, officials were confused because they already had a Will West in custody that matched that man’s description. The two men looked very much alike, although they said they weren’t related. At that time, the Bertillion System used bone measurements to differentiate people. But, that system also confirmed they were a match. The only way they could be told apart was by their fingerprints.

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