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As a volunteer with The Listening, I contribute artist interview articles that help promote the creative community in Lynchburg, Virginia. After Sara Edwards performed at our “Where It Hurts” event, I met with her to discuss the passion behind her music.

Featured Image by Larry Taylor

Artist Interview: Sara Edward’s Sound Cuts Through Noise Pollution

Originally published at The Listening’s Talk That Talk

When Sara and I met for this interview at Speakertree, the winter twilight had already faded into darkness. We both ordered something that the barista promised wouldn’t keep us up all night and settled into one of the deep leather couches. The room buzzed with concert preparation, coffee chatter, and the clatter of shoppers sorting through record sleeves.

In the midst of the din, Sara put off her own quiet energy — a distinct sound that cuts through noise pollution.

Danielle: Tell me about everything you have going on. 

Sara: I have my solo project, and I have a band, Dreamcatcher, with my boyfriend Matthew. They’re two completely different projects ⁠ My solo sound is more acoustic, singer-songwriter stuff. 

Dreamcatcher is ambient and experimental ⁠— a blend of electronic and acoustic sounds. 

Also, lately, I’ve been getting into producing. I’m falling in love with the creative freedom that comes from being able to layer tracks and move things around while composing. 

Continue reading at The Listening’s Talk That Talk.

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