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Monogram Love

Monogram Love

As part of an article series in Shop Forest First magazine, I wrote the business story of Monogram Love. I visited their store and interviewed the owner, Karen Betham. The resulting content brought their story to life:

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Project Background

I was contacted by All American Publications to interview Betham and write a background on her as a female business owner. I actually did several of the business profiles including, “In the Attic”, “Divine Designs”, “Lulu’s Closet”, “Winey Chicks”, and “Modern Day Boutique.”

I also provided the introduction and conclusion for the article, which focused on the impact of women in business on the American economy.


During our interview, Betham explained that she had the idea for her business for several years before she actually started it. Her reasons revealed the heart behind her work and showed her inner passion.

Monogram Love was established in 2013 to offer custom embroidery, screen printing and vinyl work. When Betham initially noticed monograms trending on Pinterest, she recognized a unique business opportunity. Their family already owns Universal Ts, an established business with commercial machinery for screen printing.

The Bethams have three sons, one of which, Zack, has special needs. As Zack grew up, Karen found a little more time and freedom to shape the new business.

In hindsight, waiting to launch Monogram Love was actually a blessing. It gave her time to think through her vision while also perfecting the craft.

“We always knew that personalized gifts were something people love,” says Betham. And the bustle inside the shop proves her right.

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