Cut Through Content Clutter

You’re not imagining it — no one can hear your story. Facebook posts become buried. Direct mail gets thrown away. And events crop up constantly. Together, we can make messages that cut the content clutter.

I offer my content creation services to organizations and generate stories as you. It’s easy to keep your digital marketing updated with quality, engaging creative content.

Optimize Your Blog Posts

Do you feel like your blog should be getting more attention? I can help you optimize your blog posts.

Even if you have great ideas and write well, there are several key areas, like Search and Social media that respond better to certain content formats. Clicking post isn’t enough anymore!

Price starts at $50 per post.

Increase Blog Traffic

SEO is a complex process with multiple variables and requires ongoing website maintenance. If you’re thinking about keeping an up-to-date blog as part of that mix, you’re on the right track.

While it’s not everything, blogging is one thing you can do to target keywords. Regular blog posts are one piece of content marketing that can boost your search engine ranking over time. It can also improve your social media presence, support your email marketing and raise your website’s overall value.

First, you have to develop and publish solid content.

Increase Facebook Engagement

When you run a small business, marketing is one of the many things you do in addition to your other duties.

Since you don’t have the resources to keep a marketing professional on staff, try bringing me on to boost your Facebook engagement. This campaign uses content marketing to generate engagement on your page.

Price starts at $750.

Generate Email Subscribers

Don’t buy an email list ever again!

Instead, run a campaign to generate email subscribers — that turn into real customers. The more engaged contacts you have in your distribution list, the more likely they are to convert. This campaign will help raise awareness for your email subscription offer with a strategic media mix. It’s a solid plan for generating email subscribers. Price starts at $1750.

Homepage Refresh

When clients say, “…I hate my website” they sometimes mean, “…I hate my homepage.” Many websites are actually quite useful, functional, and perform well but, the homepage needs a refresh.

If you are unhappy with your first impression, consider reworking your homepage design and content.

Price starts at $500.

Website Launch

You launched with a strong brand, great content and a business model. But, logging into Google Analytic’s homepage still makes you shudder.

You should have done a website launch campaign. Whether you pushed it a few days ago or a few months, there is still time to generate some early traffic.

Search engine marketing, social media marketing and content marketing are important for building and maintaining and audience over the long term. In the early days of your brand, you’ll need more.

Price starts at $2700.

Custom Campaign

We can also create a custom campaign, tailored to your specific marketing needs.

Example Goals include:

  • Improve a website or blog by reviewing and editing or creating content
  • Improve and edit social media Business Pages
  • Supplement an existing content calendar
  • Generate exposure by formatting your story or promotion for various channels