Instagram Branding

Trying to turn up your tiles? I can help you put together a carefully curated content calendar. You can use Instagram branding to save time and energy during a busy season or give a fresh, cohesive look to your posts.

Price: $100

This price includes the development and creation of a content calendar you can use to update your Instagram profile.

This package includes:

  • Consultation Meeting (1)
  • 30 images with text and hashtags
  • Scheduling notes
  • Audience Insights Report

Prices include 3 send backs for edits on any one piece of creative. Additional edits will be charged by the hour at the rate of $45 per hour. If needed for Central VA clients, I can complete a photography session (price varies).

If you are interested in purchasing individual pieces of creative, please see my services.

Timeline: 1-2 Weeks

After the intial meeting, the development and execution of this content calendar should take 1-2 weeks. This includes revisions and collecting materials. Timeline varies depending on the speed of client approval.

  • Week 1: Initial Meeting, Create calendar and Send to client for review
  • Week 2: Approve Creative and Launch

If approvals move more quickly, we can move the launch date. If approvals lag, the launch date will need to be moved out accordingly.


When you work with me, communication is everything. At the first meeting, we will identify the primary person approving the creative and anyone who you would like kept in the loop on communication. I send a minimum of once-a-week email updates summarizing the status of work and highlighting anything needed from you.

Next Steps

If you are interested in improving your Instagram profile, contact me for an initial listening meeting.  During that meeting, we will  discuss the following questions.

  • How are your posts performing currently?
  • Who is your ideal audience?
  • What is your key message?

Additionally, feel free to contact me about any marketing challenge you are facing today!

Instagram branding brainstorm