Creative Content

I offer my content creation services to organizations. Essentially, you pay me to generate stories as you. I make it easy to keep your digital marketing updated with quality, engaging content.

Prices and Options

  • Text: $0.50 per word
  • Graphics or Rich Media: $50 – $100 average, quotes available
  • Keyword Research: $45 per hour, quotes available
  • Content Calendar: $45 per hour, quotes available

Best Uses

  • Improve a Website or Blog by reviewing and editing or creating content
  • Improve and Edit Social Media Business Pages
  • Supplement an existing Content Calendar
  • Generate exposure by formatting your story or promotion for various channels

Flat Rate Packages

The elements of any content marketing project are essentially the same: text, graphics or video, keywords, links, and call-to-action. But, not all content is equal. Taken together as a string of communication, your business develops a reputation for a particular quality-level of content.

Content Created for Your Brand

I take a storytelling approach to building content for each brand. I learn as much as I can about your audience, your voice, and desired role in the market. Based on that, I begin to build a story, even if I am working on an informational piece. Even a tutorial article or case study can benefit from placing the customer as the hero of the narrative.

Content Developed for your Goals

This deliberate approach stems from an authentic interest in making sure that your creative content meets your marketing goals. That’s usually the first question I ask, “What is your goal?”

Based on the answer, I can draft content including:

  • Articles
  • Tutorials
  • eBooks
  • Blog Posts
  • Press Releases
  • Case Studies
  • eBlasts
  • Branding Images
  • Social Media Posts

Most importantly, I strive to align the project with your brand’s identity. Anything I create should fit seamlessly with your other content and live.

Favorite Projects

Because of the nature of these projects, I keep the project information private. However, I have a few of recent projects that illustrate how I approach content.

Catching the eye starts when you marry strong text with smart design.

One blog post that I recently enjoyed working on paired classic sweaters with current trends. Because of the timely and visual nature of the post, it worked well on several platforms and channels including social media and email.

Similarly, I have worked on countless blog posts for clients based on topics relevant to their audience’s interests. I’ve written about everything from pulled pork recipes to infant car seat safety regulations.

Shark Week Gif
I love diving deep into explainers.

Developing timelines, digging up facts and laying out context are some of my favorite aspects of creative content. For example, I put together a piece for myself about called “Why Shark Week is Your Favorite Made Up Holiday.” I linked the anthropomorphism of sharks to their place as a revered anti-hero in modern culture.

In a world where audiences expect constant information and entertainment, I try to build stories that break away from the forgettable clickbait. As another example, I partnered with Maria on her Michael Jackson posts by providing a visual timeline of the sexual assault accusations against him. Instead, I draft projects that not only draw you in but, stick with you later.

girl boss graphic for instagram in coral and orange tones
Whenever possible, I enjoy turning tropes and trends on their heads.

As a news junkie and digital native, I consume trends and patterns constantly. I enjoy tracking them to see what is resonating with specific audiences at specific times. For example, I latched onto a statement by Sarah Michelle Gellar about how she wanted to be seen as “Just Boss” not a “Girl Boss.” Although she is a true icon of female empowerment (Hello, Buffy the Vampire Slayer!), she pointed out that her work in creating the groundbreaking FoodStirs brand should hold value regardless of her gender.

I created the little social media design above, for my own account, in response to her sentiment.

As much as possible, I try to get ahead of it with new information. Or I like to disrupt the flow with an unexpected take.

Do You Need Help?

Curating a collection of quality content takes time, energy, organization and experience. Sure, you may be running the kitchen but, that doesn’t mean you can’t use some hired help. Consider tackling the competitive content cycle with a competent copywriter.

Contact me about your copywriting goals today!


Danielle Verderame

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