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I offer my copywriting services to publications on a freelance basis. After years of working with many publishers and ghostwriting for clients, I have developed a creative process that allows me to get the story out on time, every time.

Prices and Options

  • Text: $0.50 per word
  • Photography: $45 per hour, quotes available

I put together stories by starting with a clear framework. To begin, I outline my projects to make sure I am covering the most important information. Then, I seek out the facts, interviews, and experiences that allow me to understand the story. That helps me develop a fresh angle.

While some people may think of writing as a purely internal process, I find that these experiences force me to get outside myself. I have learned to listen to others and see the world through their eyes. This makes my stories appealing to readers because they can go on the same journey as they review my work.

Favorite Projects

When I spoke with Karen Betham, owner at Monogram Love, I found the timing of her business launch interesting.

During our interview, she revealed that she had the idea for her business for several years before she actually started it. Her reasons revealed the heart behind her work and showed her inner passion.

Monogram Love was established in 2013 to offer custom embroidery, screen printing and vinyl work. When Betham initially noticed monograms trending on Pinterest, she recognized a unique business opportunity. Their family already owns Universal Ts, an established business with commercial machinery for screen printing.

The Bethams have three sons, one of which, Zack, has special needs. As Zack grew up, Karen found a little more time and freedom to shape the new business.

In hindsight, waiting to launch Monogram Love was actually a blessing. It gave her time to think through her vision while also perfecting the craft.

“We always knew that personalized gifts were something people love,” says Betham. And the bustle inside the shop proves her right.

From If It’s Not Moving, Monogram It

Image of The Amherst County Guidebook at the Amherst County Fair
I particularly enjoy articles that make me explore new places.

For example, I was fascinated by the story behind the revived Amherst County Fair. Particularly, the work of inmate workforce members to prepare the area caught my attention.

Notably, Captain John Grieser, of the Amherst County Sheriff’s Office, assisted as Logistics Manager for the fair by leading the team in preparing the site, planning the footprint and coordinating traffic, medical and other needs during the event. Grieser worked with several groups including the Amherst County Public Schools staff, Amherst County Building and Grounds, Amherst County Sheriff’s office and the inmate workforce members, Clay Thompson and Brian Drewry. He’s excited for next year saying, “We’re already looking at expanding it. It’s something we can continue to build on for our community. We want more agricultural exhibits, more rides and more to excite families.”

From Local Fair Renews Community Spirit

Whenever you can link human interest to facts, numbers come alive.

Sometimes, article assignments are focused on a few facts or figures that ground the newsworthiness of the story. But, without context, they can lack relevance for those who are not subject matter experts. I’ve written about solar power, elder care, cataract surgery and wedding planning. Each time, I dig into the story to try to find a new hook and unearth a fresh truth.

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