Retail Marketing

I create and implement campaigns for clients on both a limited contract and retainer basis. After over a decade of working with dozens of clients, I have developed a process that is both reliable and profitable.


  • Campaign Development and Implementation: $45 per hour
  • Commission options are available

Campaign Packages

For businesses on a budget, I recommend looking at my flat-rate campaign packages (above). Each is focused on a single marketing goal with an integrated marketing communications (IMC) plan to support it.

Because campaigns are such an involved project, I select clients thoughtfully. I often work on a commission basis where my fee is based on the percentage of sales, leads or other valuable metrics such as social media follower growth, website traffic, document downloads or adspend.

Campaigns Built for Your Brand

As your target market becomes aware of your brand, you must capitalize on the consumer decision-making process. This theory, developed by John Dewey, shows buyers moving through several stages. First, they recognize a problem or need. Second, they evaluate their options. Third, they make a purchase. Finally, they evaluate their decision.

Economist Herbert A. Simon, posits that buyers try to be rational when they consider a purchase. However, most people can be influenced emotionally by turning the process into a conversation between the brand and the consumer. That’s why I think of buyer’s decisions as a “Decision-Making Dialogue.”

At each stage, your brand needs to respond with the best answer to their questions. This takes the form of promotional materials that are carefully constructed and distributed on the appropriate channels to best speak to your target market.

Campaigns Built for Your Goals

Smart marketers build strong campaigns around their client’s goals. Because these vary, every campaign needs a customized plan based around the following components.

A marketing plan always includes,

  • Target Audience
  • Value Proposition (or Message)
  • Offer (or Call-to-Action)
  • Selected Mediums
  • Tracking and Reporting

My Campaign Services Include:

  • Marketing Research, Tracking, and Analytics
  • Copywriting
  • Graphic Design
  • Photography and Videography
  • Website Updates and Optimization (including SEO)

With each of these components, you can create a marketing campaign that meets your goals in both the short and long term. You can read more about How to Map Your IMC Plan on my blog. Additionally, the example packages at the top of the page include sample IMC plans for review.

Campaigns Designed for Your Brand

Once you create a strategy for your campaign, the creative elements help it stand out. Since most people need to see a message several times to respond to the call-to-action, the visuals and language are what help them recognize your campaign. Below is an example of the components that embody the look and feel of a campaign.

Example Campaign Graphic and Moodboard for pink retail campaign
Example Mood Board

By creating a distinct campaign, the message and mediums align to help your audience respond. When I develop a retail marketing campaign, I let the strategy and the audience inform the creative. Then, I use each of the above skill sets to build the best campaign for your brand.

Favorite Projects

Although I’ve developed many different types of campaigns, I enjoy the business-to-consumer (B2C) dialogue of retail marketing. The projects below show some of my favorite retail marketing moments.

I got my start in Retail Marketing under the AutoNation dealership group.

Over ten years ago, I started as the Account Coordinator for John Elway’s “GO” dealership group in Denver Colorado. Then, I worked my way to managing the marketing as the Account Executive for dozens of AutoNation stores throughout the Central and Western U.S. I became extremely detail oriented, and quick to create new campaigns. Often, I found myself as the writer with big ideas for that next script or print ad. As 2008 saw an influx online shopping, a shift to HD television, and early text message marketing, I became familiar with the concept of transmedia storytelling early in my career.

Pink and gold flat lay with red earrings for Valentine's Day Retail Marketing Campaign
Recently, I’ve enjoyed helping small businesses build their presence from the ground up.

Although I’ve worked various businesses and organizations, Spearman Artisanry stands out as an enjoyable project because I helped them launch their brick-and-mortar store. I can’t take credit for their current success — that came from the vision of owner, Jannett Spearman. But, I did enjoy generating initial awareness for their brand in the marketplace.

Not everyone can afford a full-time marketing team, or even a regular retainer.

So, I offer flat-rate campaign packages. Think of them as a checklist of promotion materials and services created to promote one specific marketing goal. For example, you may want to create a promotion to drive sales for your new inventory. For a short, yet vital, period of time, you can have professionaly prepared, goal-oriented marketing materials to distribute your message.

Do You Need Help?

Creating and implementing a marketing campaign can help your audience see the truth of your brand. Make sure they get the entire picture with a strong campaign built around your goals and designed for your brand.

Contact me about your marketing goals today!


Danielle Verderame

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