Creative Content

The elements of any content marketing project are essentially the same: text, graphics or video, keywords, links, and call-to-action. But, not all content is equal. Taken together as a string of communication, your brand develops a reputation for a particular quality-level of content. Below are some

Inspired Infographics

Color Wheel for Brands

I merge my ear for information with my eye for design whenever I create infographics. For example, I developed a sharable infographic that collected information about how and why brands use certain colors to signal values. Much of my data was original, from my own research. The other information is credited to credible, industry sources.

The Science of Color in Branding

Performing on Pinterest

Pinterest Analytics Screenshots from accounts I manage

I’ve learned to use Pinterest to generate consistent website traffic. For example, the graphic above regularly gets dozens of clicks each week – often spiking to several hundred per month.

Pantone color of the year graphic

Social Selling


I created a blog post that paired classic sweaters with current trends. Because of the timely and visual nature of the post, it worked well on several platforms and channels including social media and email.

Similarly, I have worked on countless blog posts for clients based on topics relevant to their audience’s interests. I’ve written about everything from pulled pork recipes to infant car seat safety regulations.

Copy Editing for Consistency

When the American Association of Airport Executives approached me to review some of their internal safety documents, I was excited. The project allowed me to use my proofing skills to ensure consistency throughout several documents (and hundreds of pages) written by several authors. I kept the documents organized, reading all of them through once to determine the preferences of each author and correct any grammatical errors. Then, I worked with them to create a consistent formatting between authors.

Building a Better Brochure

Compared to the rest of The Listening, Inc. brand, The Freedom School materials are playful. They use a different color palette and the images feature the bright, playful movement of students.

Breaking Down a Brand

Brand Identity Guidelines example

As a volunteer for The Listening, Inc, I worked with founder Nick George to write the first version of their brand guide. It includes an overview of the organization, a visual guide for the brand, key messaging and blogging guidelines. By creating this internal document, other volunteers and contributors can quickly understand the essence of the non-profit’s brand and stay consistent with the other existing materials.

Fundraising with Direct Mail

Patrick henry Family Services Direct Mail Example
Patrick henry Family Services Direct Mail Example
Interior Spread

I updated the layout for Patrick Henry Family Service’s fundraising mailer. Taking a graphic approach to the interior redesign allowed me to draw more attention to the important messages inside.

Book Launch on Social Media

I helped new author Adam Spencer develop a social media campaign to promote the release of his new book. Based on his needs, I helped him understand target audience and budget options, optimize the text, and designed the graphics to scale on all devices.

Ensuring Brand Compliance

Liberty University Marketing

During my time at Liberty University, I helped created consistency between the various departments within their School of Health Sciences. I led a team that cultivated new images, text, and design — bringing them into alignment with the university’s brand guidelines while also making it distinct from other programs.

Growing Facebook Followers

I assisted author and speaker Vince Ellison turn his national cable appearance into long-term followers. We boosted several messages about his segment to create a conversation. Then, we were able to invite the people who engaged with that content to like his page.

Developing a Brand Guide Template

example brand guide

Whenever I sit down with a new client, I ask them if they have a brand guide. If they do, the work is easier. 

I created this template to help them note the bare bones of their brand — creating a shorthand to guide any creative project.

Updating a Print Newsletter

I picked up Mountain Mission School’s print newsletter from another designer to create their semi-annual update. I adhered to their brand guidelines while also innovating spread layouts.

Prices and Options

  • Text: $0.50 per word
  • Graphics or Rich Media: $50 – $100 average, quotes available
  • Keyword Research: $45 per hour, quotes available
  • Content Calendar: $45 per hour, quotes available