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I offer my writing services to publications on a freelance basis. After years of working with many publishers and ghostwriting for clients, I have developed a creative process that allows me to get the story out on time, every time.

I put together stories by starting with a clear framework. To begin, I outline my projects to make sure I am covering the most important information. Then, I seek out the facts, interviews, and experiences that allow me to understand the story. That helps me develop a fresh angle.

While some people may think of writing as a purely internal process, I find that these experiences force me to get outside myself. I have learned to listen to others and see the world through their eyes. This makes my stories appealing to readers because they can go on the same journey as they review my work.

We’re physically distancing… not social distancing!

It was a new experience for me — calling the day before an interview to see if my subjects wanted to meet. The Coronavirus situation had escalated quickly and I wasn’t certain of the safest way to proceed for the health of my subjects.

The Harveys were glad to meet with me. We maintained physical space while still building rapport. I have a feeling they’re still waving at neighbors and shouting greetings across their lawn to dog walkers today.

Article Excerpt

Bob recalls, “We used to ride our motorcycle everywhere. Once we got Coco, we got a Jeep. Now the three of us can ride together.”

Coco loves adventuring in their Jeep — even off-road — following a caravan through the trails alongside the Blue Ridge Parkway. 

Maybe the Hills Grew

Article Excerpt

Wisconsin natives, Jerry and Rose met in high school and married shortly after graduating. They have four children, six grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren — living throughout the continental United States. 

Jerry jokes, “We lived in 8 states over my 42 year career. We had four children — in 4 different states — but, they just kept finding us!”

Local Fair Renews Community Spirit

Image of The Amherst County Guidebook at the Amherst County Fair

I was fascinated by the story behind the revived Amherst County Fair. Particularly, the work of inmate workforce members to prepare the area caught my attention.

Article Excerpt

Notably, Captain John Grieser, of the Amherst County Sheriff’s Office, assisted as Logistics Manager for the fair by leading the team in preparing the site, planning the footprint and coordinating traffic, medical and other needs during the event. Grieser worked with several groups including the Amherst County Public Schools staff, Amherst County Building and Grounds, Amherst County Sheriff’s office and the inmate workforce members, Clay Thompson and Brian Drewry. He’s excited for next year saying, “We’re already looking at expanding it. It’s something we can continue to build on for our community. We want more agricultural exhibits, more rides and more to excite families.”

Ahead of the Game

Lynchburg Business Magazine Cover

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Visitors already flock to the greater Lynchburg region for our historical sites, beautiful scenery, and thriving active lifestyle. Now, with the addition of a national sporting event to the city’s itinerary, Central Virginia continues to build its reputation as a sports tourism destination.

This summer, an estimated 35,000 visitors will descend upon the area for the State Games of America July 31-Aug. 4. The Olympic-style event will bring 15,000 winners from each state’s games across the country.

A Bright Future

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Central Virginia Community College (CVCC) now offers an Energy Technology program, designed for students who want to work in the electric and energy industries as an entry level technician or solar panel installer. Fitting naturally with other Central Virginia workforce initiatives, the program brings together educators and local businesses to train young people in this rapidly growing industry.

Will Sandidge, Director of Strategic Initiatives at CVCC, explains the program’s inception saying, “The mission of CVCC is to offer the programs that the local community needs—what’s in demand. Whatever program we offer, we research it. We believe this is going to enhance the community and prepare local students for the workforce.”

Just Down the Road in AltaVista

Shopping in Altavista, Virginia Article

Article Excerpt

If you’re hoping to get away for the day, look no further than Altavista, Virginia—located only a 30-minute drive from Lynchburg.

When incorporated in 1912, the town encompassed a little under two square miles. Since then, it has more than doubled in size—adding new shops, restaurants and attractions. But Altavista still has always retained that small town feel. “Most of our businesses are locally owned and have been here for over 50 years or longer,” notes Lori Johnson, president of Altavista on Track.

Make It Count

Oops, I Forgot…

Break Out of the Boardroom

Article Excerpt

According to a 2014 Stanford study, walking improves creative thinking. In fact, any type of body movement stimulates the brain more than sitting. That is why top executives, such Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, are often seen taking meetings on the go.

To plan a brainstorming session around movement, look for a venue with nearby attractions. For example, Farmville is home to some popular outdoor opportunities including High Bridge Trail and the Adventure Park at Sandy River Retreat, featuring a ropes course. You can work with the nearby Hotel Weyanoke for your indoor meeting needs and incorporate some high energy outdoor activities into the schedule.

The Ultimate Guide to Pre-Wedding Celebrations

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