Retail Marketing

I create and implement campaigns for clients on both a limited contract and retainer basis. After over a decade of working with dozens of clients, I have developed a process that is both reliable and profitable.

A Light and Bright Shop

Camera and tablet in hand, I searched Buchanan to find “The Best Place” for antiques. The clever name belonged to an equally charming store. I followed up my location visit with a long call to the owner — who wasn’t available on the day I found the shop. Her insights into the antique market became the backbone of my article.

Black Friday Social Media Campaign

Black Friday Sales Event Graphic
Black Friday Sales Event Graphic
Black Friday Sales Event Graphic
Black Friday Sales Event Graphic

I created graphics and a guide for a free social media campaign to help shops promote their Black Friday Sales. Their popularity spiked in the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving.

If It’s Not Moving, Monogram It!

Monogram Love

Article Excerpt

In hindsight, waiting to launch Monogram Love was actually a blessing. It gave her time to think through her vision while also perfecting the craft.

“We always knew that personalized gifts were something people love,” says Betham. And the bustle inside the shop proves her right.

From If It’s Not Moving, Monogram It

Feature Article Series for Shop Forest First

In this series of articles, I interviewed several store owners in the Forest, Virginia area. All of them were women who had channeled their intelligence, skills and passion into local businesses. The series included an introduction with statistics about female-owned businesses in the United states and how they are contributing to the overall economy in meaningful ways. I enjoyed listening to each subject and relaying their entrepreneurial journey on the page.

Automotive Advertising

Over ten years ago, I started as the Account Coordinator for John Elway’s “GO” dealership group in Denver Colorado. Then, I worked my way to managing the marketing as the Account Executive for dozens of AutoNation stores throughout the Central and Western U.S. I became extremely detail oriented, and quick to create new campaigns. Often, I found myself as the writer with big ideas for that next script or print ad. As 2008 saw an influx online shopping, a shift to HD television, and early text message marketing, I became familiar with the concept of transmedia storytelling early in my career.

Pink and Red Sale

jewelry photography from Lynchburg photographer

Although I’ve worked various businesses and organizations, Spearman Artisanry stands out as an enjoyable project because I helped them launch their brick-and-mortar store. I can’t take credit for their current success — that came from the vision of owner, Jannett Spearman. But, I did enjoy generating initial awareness for their brand in the marketplace.


  • Campaign Development and Implementation: $45 per hour
  • Commission options are available