Do you make websites? My Roundabout Answer…

My soft sell approach sabotages me whenever prospective customers ask me, “Do you make websites?”

It seems like it should be a yes or no answer.

But, it actually isn’t.

Pick up a cup of coffee and we’ll have a longer conversation about it.

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How to Build a Retail Website that Makes Customers Buy

Whether you have a brick-and-mortar shop or sell exclusively online, several key marketing principles can help you build a retail website that makes customers buy. The process starts by understanding how to sell online versus in person. Once you understand the philosophy behind selling, you can anticipate your ideal customer’s behavior and create a retail website that leads to more sales.

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Need Exposure? You might want to hire a ghostwriter.

“But he has nothing on!” said a little child.

Writing a solid article takes time, connections, and experience.  When done correctly, your organization gains massive exposure through a legitimate news outlet. Working with a ghostwriter can help you put together a story that captures the attention and imagination of your target audience.

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The One Marketing Freelancer You MUST Hire

By working with a freelance copy editor, you can elevate the quality of your creative elements. Whether you are working as an individual or managing a team, the extra set of eyes will make you feel more confident before you publish (unlike the $250,000 Metropolitan Transportation Authority gaffe).

I keep this poker chip coupon on my desk to remind me to be careful when proofing. I caught a tiny capitalization typo on this project at the last minute before it went to print.

It’s easy to get tunnel vision when reviewing your own work. That’s why I work with creatives to give them an outside perspective. Otherwise, you may find yourself publishing while weary and cross-eyed.

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Free Download! Fall Into Savings Sale Art for Social Media

Autumn is such a sensory season.

You can hear the crankle of a bonfire. You can smell the sweetness of apple cider. You can taste the musk of pumpkin spice. You can feel the swish of warm sweaters. You can see the oranges, reds and yellows of nature.

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