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Everything I Thought I Knew About Smokey The Bear Is a Lie.

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Say it with me, “Smokey The Bear”.

His comic books, his origin story, even his very name, have all been blurred and befuddled with the passage of time. As one of the most well-known mascots, Smokey shaped generations of preservationist attitudes by encouraging simple fire safety rules.

As a long time fan, I was surprised to find out that I actually knew very little of Smokey’s truth. So, I did a little research in an attempt to uncover why his message has lasted so long.

How the Plastic Straw Ban Went So Wrong So Fast


Who would have thought that ten inches of plastic could cause such a stir?

Well, that’s the problem, isn’t it.

Americans use 500 million straws every day. Someone thought we should ban them to save the environment.

No one asked if the catchy pollution solution would hurt anyone.

Spoiler: It did.